We all have a story.

This is me in Tokyo, one of my favourite cities in this world.
in Tokyo, one of my favourite cities in this world.

Like most kids from the 80's, I spent my glory days playing Battleship using DOS, crashing bubble bobble in the arcades and yes, doing my own mix tapes. Simply put, I was constantly influenced by tech.

So is not surprising that when the time for college came, I decided to go for Graphic Design & Media.

During my studies I had a chance to develop my skills in areas such as typography, aesthetics, graphic design, psychology, programming, art history, etc. I was really drawn to the craftsmanship that's possible when design, technology, and human behaviour intersect.

Getting into real business.

In 2013 I moved from sunny Barcelona to rainy Dublin, where I took the role of UX Designer at Globoforce. There I got most of the learning experience by doing tons of usability testings, attending many courses and conferences, etc.

And in 2016 I relocated to Munich (Germany), where I started to work as a UX Designer at Vitafy an e-commerce platform challenging the Fitness and Nutrition industry.

Nowadays, I'm working with the talented folks on the Search team at Holidu.

I design simple.

I am always searching for ways to make it easier, faster and more pleasant for people to accomplish their goals.

I'm also a firm advocate of inclusion. I believe as designers we have the power and responsibility to build products that are accessible to everyone.

And after work?

I like beer. Oh, boy I do like beer after work. I also have an undying love for sci-fi books and movies. I watched Star Wars at least 20 times. I also enjoy traveling, hiking and photography.

I'm also founder and organiser of the Munich Accessibility Meetup.

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